Production crews / Videographers in St. Louis

We’ve worked with production companies from all around the world, to produce, direct, shoot and source additional crew as needed in St. Louis. Before every job, we determine what crew is essential to get the job done.

Our in-house team also allows us to be cost-conscious so we can put as much of the budget on the screen as possible. We take innovation seriously—our team of industry professionals will make your unique vision a reality, utilizing a cinematic approach to your branded content that will compel and inspire.

Our video crews specialize in producing compelling testimonials that are real, honest and effective at selling product. And we then bring our television commercial experience to shooting “b-roll” footage.

We do everything you could ever need to bring a production to life.

So we can provide audio visual services for a meeting or corporate event. But our team can also expertly guide you from your first ideas to post production for a scripted project.

Mike Haller


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