camera and teleprompter crew

Professional video often requires a script and a teleprompter.  We provide both very well.

Reading a script from a teleprompter will help you focus and speak with greater confidence!

Don’t sit too close to the camera, it may appear as though you are looking too far up or down.  If you sit further away you will appear to be looking at the viewer.

Teleprompter Operator Camera Operator and Talent on a green screen studio filming

Slow it down.

Set your delivery speed so that the words flow naturally from your mouth as you would normally speak. Do not rush through the script.  Breathe normally.

st louis teleprompter for video and film production
st louis teleprompter for video and film production

Your script should be written as though you’re speaking directly to one person, keep it personal and one-to-one.

Practice and read your script out loud. If you stumble over words that don’t seem to flow together, change your script.

Write and speak conversationally. Your goal is grammatically correct language in day-to-day conversation.

Print out the script to rehearse before you shoot. Even if you don’t have much experience with public speaking, after a few takes, you will be happy with how you sound and look.

The script and teleprompter makes it so much easier for a true professional looking video production.

Rob Haller



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