gear and equipment

With today’s different HD needs, each production can be tailored to your exact requirements.  We provide camera crews, sound recordists, lighting grips and gaffers, make up artist, teleprompter service, and more.  We will put the entire crew together for you or provide the support and equipment you need.

Our gear seams to change frequently due to keeping up with the latest technology.  Ask for specifics, often we can deliver.

Getting the gear ready for a remote location shoot

Cameras for every use – From go pro 3 to a high end Sony F3 shooting to cinedecks.

Panasonic HDX900 (11×4.5 wide angle, 20×8 telephoto, 15 2x standard lens)

Canon 5D Mark II HDSLR (Full Rig with Vocus Matte Box and filters, Follow Focus, L series lens set: 50mm F1.2, 24x70mm F2.8, 70x300mm F2.8, 15mm Fish-eye, Audio configuration with external SD card recording) Kit travels with Macbook Pro for Hard Drive transfer on-site.

Panasonic HVX-200

Sony Z1U

Panasonic SDX900 DVCPro 50/25 SD


GoPro Hero Cams: (3) cams with multiple mounting options

Sound Devices 442 Audio Mixer


st louis video studio with producer and talent

Lectrosonics Wireless microphones (8 units)

Sennheiser microphones with boom (10′ and 18′)

Sanken Lavs microphones

EV Hand microphone

Shure FP33 mixer

Corporate video production team interviews on camera

Shure FP24 mixer

IFB kit with wireless

Telephone interface


Camera and lighting check on for a testimonial shoot


Kino-Flo Diva (2-200w, 1-400w)

Arri (3-1K open face, 1-650w, 2-300w, 4-150w)

Dedolight (4-150w)

Arri 575 HMI

Desisti 1200 HMI

Arri 200 HMI

Chimera soft box

Avenger/Matthews light stands, Boom arms, grip gear, flags, gels, etc.

st louis tv commercials

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