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Our production services seamlessly integrate video, audio, slides, motion graphics, screen captures and other visual and audio tools to effectively communicate your message.

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Our messaging and communications tools keep your online audience engaged. Interactive opportunities increase the value of your webcast by soliciting questions and responses from your audience. We enhance the value of your event by integrating live videos streams with Twitter feeds, Facebook groups, SMS to Screen, and other communication functionality based on your requirements.

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If you are looking for engaging, cost-effective ways interview new hires or to hold a meeting, training, seminar or presentation, webcasts can deliver the experiences you are looking for. Our corporate webcasting and live video streaming solutions can extend the life, and value, of your presentations in a variety of ways.

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Stream-It is an award-winning video production company that specializes in recorded and live-streaming video content. Our clients are companies of all sizes who are looking to communicate with employees, customers, prospects, shareholders, analysts, or the media. Our team has a solid reputation for creating compelling, unique videos that effectively convey our clients’ messages.

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Stream-It offers affordable webcasting and live web video streaming services for all sizes and types of clients in the St. Louis Metro Area. Our production knowledge and technical experience can allow your organization take advantage of the latest advancements in video streaming and webcasting – without breaking your budget. We are a St Louis Streaming Video provider with world class equipment and experts in the industry.

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We offer live streaming and webcasting services for the corporate and small business sector and will help your business reach those previously thought out-of-reach or out-of-pocket. Our comprehensive packages can include both the hardware, personnel, and computer software required to get your business event streaming or webcasting while using your existing internet, ISP, or DSL account.

What are the Different Types of Services Offered by Professional Webcasting Video Production Crews?

Professional webcasting video production crews provide a wide range of services, from sourcing talent and developing a creative brief to editing and distributing the resulting videos. From conference sessions and corporate trainings to interviews, concerts and much more, professional webcasting video production crews ensure videos are engaging and optimized for the best possible viewing experience.

Webcasting as an industry has grown exponentially over the past decade, due in part to advances in video streaming technology. Professional webcasting video production crews now offer a variety of services to help businesses reach their goals. Here is an overview of some of the most popular services that these experts provide:

Project Management: A production crew can help guide you through every step of the process, including budgeting, scripting and scheduling. Many also offer creative direction, scripting advice and additional services such as setting up cameras and microphones—ensuring that you have the right audio-visual equipment for live broadcasting or recorded film segments.

Production Services: Professional production crews provide an array of specific services necessary for successful webcasting projects—everything from basic camera setup to advanced graphic animation packages; creating short clips or extended series; directing talent; scheduling talent pickups/drop offs; managing on-site audiovisual needs; mixing audio; recording voiceovers; editing footage; uploading recordings onto hosting sites like YouTube or Vimeo; adding watermarks or copyrighting materials when necessary—whether before publishing or during post-production activities.

Distribution Strategy: Once your video project has been completed, crews can provide insight into efficient distribution strategies via CDN streaming networks or existing online platforms (e.g., social media platforms). Additionally, many offer full-service market research capabilities to target customer segmentation accurately prior to launch.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Webcasting Video Production Crews

Whether you are looking to broadcast a live event, record live video to present online, or create an engaging piece of content for any purpose, it pays to hire professional webcasting video production crews. There are many benefits to using a professional webcasting crew who have experience and expertise in this style of media production.

Using professional webcasting video production crews can provide you with quality results that are tailored specifically to your needs. These crews have the necessary equipment, the technical know-how, and the quality control measures in place to ensure that everything runs smoothly. In addition, they also provide peace of mind that everything will be captured correctly and stored securely afterwards. This saves you time and prevents any potential issues that could arise from missed footage or storage errors when capturing digital content.

Additionally, professional logging services implemented by experienced media production teams can make sure that all relevant data is recorded and saved correctly which can minimize editing and post-production processes. Professional crew members can also provide sound engineering expertise and help ensure a pleasant viewing experience by using quality lighting and camera angles for participants’ comfort during broadcasting events or meetings.

Finally, when working with a dedicated team who treats each project as their own, you will be able to rest assured knowing that your media squad is as invested in seeing your project succeed as much as you are! Additionally, post-production teams use editing softwares such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe After Effects to make sure your material is ready for public consumption if needed. All these benefits guarantee a quick turnaround time of your projects while still maintaining a level of professionalism backed by decades of specialized experience – so why not hire professionals?

Types of Services Offered by Professional Webcasting Video Production Crews

To ensure quality recordings and live-streamed video, webcasting video production crews offer a variety of services to support the technical process. Professional crews handle setting up, running and breaking down full motion video production equipment for webcasting broadcasts. Depending on the production, some specialized technicians may also provide additional services focused around audio engineering, directing or controlling live streams for interactive broadcasting.

Types of services provided by professional webcasting video crews include:

-Set Design and Layout: This service involves planning and conceptualizing a set layout that meets broadcast requirements while supporting the artistic vision of the production crew. Professional set design may also include adding special effects such as lighting or props that enhance the broadcast appearance or atmosphere.

-Camera Operation: Professional camera operators will ensure correct camera focus, lighting, color balance and zoom settings to capture clear high quality images in a variety of lighting conditions.

-Audio Engineering: Sound engineers will adjust microphone positioning, mixers and mix levels to maintain optimal sound quality throughout the duration of recording or streaming sessions. They are also responsible for handling any acoustic issues occurring in an event space such as ambient noise control during outdoor events or conferences.

-Cueing: Cueing is an important role for any webcast recording session as it requires precise timing to broadcast transitions without any audio interruptions. This service includes keeping track of scene changes and fade cues with regard to music tracks or sound FX as required by directors which adds flair and mood via seamless transitions throughout recordings, events and streaming sessions.

-Directing Services: Directors work with cast members, producers and clients while overseeing preproduction activities through post production workflows such as mixing music tracks, editing scenes in post etc.. Professional directors can efficiently drive recordings sessions forward while maintaining a motivated crew who are prepared to tackle any last minute changes desired by clients or producers swiftly.

Pre-Production Services

Pre-production services by professional webcasting video production crews involve a great deal of preparation and research before the actual filming begins. This stage of the process involves finding and obtaining the most appropriate locations for filming, as well as casting actors for key roles in the project. The key pre-production services that are offered by webcasting video production crew may also include researching different visual effects, storyboarding and drawing up shooting schedules. Additionally, a director or producer may help with scriptwriting and editing, deciding on a particular graphic design style for your project, hiring any additional personnel required such as musicians or other artists, and acquiring any necessary permits to film at certain chosen locations.

Pre-production services also involves exploring different options when it comes to sound recording equipment, making arrangements with other contractors involved in the project such as caterers or hotel accommodation providers, obtaining props needed during filming and preparing call sheets detailing all work that needs to be done on each day of filming. Ultimately, pre-production ensures that all aspects of the project are properly planned out in advance and that everything is organized efficiently so that when it comes time to film there will be no surprises or delays.

Production Services

Professional webcasting video production crews offer a variety of services, including pre-production, production, and post-production services.

Pre-production services begin with concept and storyboarding, followed by scripting, casting/auditions and project budgeting. Production services include shooting on location or in studio and audio capture. Post-production can include editing, color correction & grading and animation/effects.

Beyond these core services of professional video production crews, there are several other services offered to create the perfect webcast video package. These may include presentation design & set-up, scriptwriting and talent booking. Additionally consulting & directing/producing can be offered to ensure the desired results are achieved on time and within budget. Every project is unique; many times a combination or custom solution is necessary to harness the power of webcasting as an effective communication tool.

Post-Production Services

Professional webcasting video production crews offer a wide range of services, from pre-production to post-production. Post-production, which comes after filming and editing, involves many tasks — some of which will depend on the complexity of your project.

Common post-production services offered by webcasting production companies include:

  • Audio sweetening and mixing: Ensure that voices are crisp, ambient sound is balanced, and music fits seamlessly.
  • Color correction: Achieve a consistent look across all video components.
  • Closed captioning and subtitles: Provide visual cues for hearing impaired viewers or translations for foreign language audiences.
  • Motion graphics: Incorporate professional graphics and animations.
  • Video encoding: Compress the entire length of a video so it is ready for distribution in various formats such as 1080p HD broadcast quality or 720p streaming resolution formats.
  • Web streaming hosting: Upload videos to streaming portals such as YouTube Live or Facebook Live with customized viewer interfaces, secure connections and special features like detailed analytics and ad placements.

Other Services

In addition to actual video production, professional webcasting video production teams also offer a range of other services to aid in launching successful campaigns. Aside from the content creation itself, these experts offer services like pre-production planning, post-production editing, file encoding and uploading, live streaming, equipment rental and hosting options.

Pre-production planning involves coming up with creative solutions that define the tasks and responsibilities before any production sends off. This includes scripting the project outline, setting a timeline for each phase of the project and organizing any necessary crew employees.

Professional editing skills are also essential in any professional webcast campaign to ensure optimum quality throughout all stages of post-production — ensuring that any glitches or technical issues are resolved prior to final delivery of the product. Additionally, encoding is also helpful in making sure files are properly formatted for distribution across various platforms — including TV, online media channels and portable devices such as cellphones and tablets.

Live streaming solutions are an excellent way for businesses and organizations to get their message out quickly in real time—an essential tool for those wanting to take advantage of opportunities such as webinars or promotional events. The team will be familiar with all types of hardware and software platforms used to facilitate these services. They may also be able to provide help with equipment rentals if needed. Lastly, hosting these videos on websites or other platforms allow maximum exposure—a crucial factor in effective video marketing campaigns!

Webcast training videos for employees and customers are viewed live and then can be viewed again later from their multimedia library.

Regardless of the type of professional webcasting and video production service you need, it is important to select a reputable, experienced crew for your project.

Reliable professionals will have the experience and tools to ensure that your webcast event runs smoothly from start to finish. They can also assist with all aspects of the project, from pre-production through post-production.

For best results, take the time to research local crew members or companies before making a decision. Ask for references and check online reviews to find out what past clients have said about their services. Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask questions throughout the process — a quality crew should be able to answer any questions you may have regarding their services, policies, equipment capabilities and more.

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