Medical marketing communication videos and photography.

Medical marketing videos are used for many different purposes, from product demonstrations to medical professionals conversing with patients. These types of videos require a shooting space with videographers who understand the details of studio lighting and composition. When you hire a professional medical videographer, you want someone who knows how to create images that reflect your healthcare business and team. You want someone who pays close attention to lighting and composition. You want someone who brings a wide variety of props to ensure you have options for every shoot. When you hire a videographer who specializes in the medical industry, you can be sure you get the best possible image for your business.

And when you need video images of doctors, nurses, and board members who look trustworthy, professional and competent. In this case, the best answer is to hire a professional videographer with experience in the medical industry. These video crews know how to capture the most flattering angles and light for your subjects. They understand what makes a good shot, lighting setup, appropriate props and more. These professionals may cost more than shooting the same subject on your own video camera or phone. But these pros save time by bringing their own gear and staging — so your staff gets back to work sooner! The end results are worth it.

What to Look for in a Medical Videographer

medical marketing communications photography and video crews
medical marketing communications photography and video crews

When you hire a professional medical videographer, you want a videographer who knows the subject matter inside out. You want someone who understands how to properly light a subject and create an image that will wow your audience, whether they see it in print, online or in a slideshow. A medical videographer should be able to work with a variety of subjects, from board members and MDs to staff members who that may be uncomfortable having their video taken. Your videographer should also be able to work quickly, efficiently and without distracting your staff from their work. When hiring a videographer for a medical shoot, look for experience in the medical industry.

The Importance of Good Lighting

A video’s lighting can make or break a video. Good lighting creates flattering shadows and highlights the best features of your subject. But poor lighting can create shadows on the face and body where you don’t want them. It can also wash out colors and make an image appear dull or unprofessional. Medical videography is all about creating images that are bright and vibrant. These images must reflect the professionalism of your doctors and team. They must appear knowledgeable, capable and confident. That’s why the best medical videographers pay close attention to lighting. They know how to use light to their advantage to create the best possible images for your healthcare business.

medical marketing video production in a surgical suite
medical marketing video production in a surgical suite

A well-composed image should draw your viewers’ eyes to the most important parts. That could be the eyes, the hands, a a product or any other part of the image you want people to notice first. The composition of an image can make your readers pause to consider your message longer and more deeply. It can also make your readers feel uncomfortable and want to look away. When you hire a videographer to take video of your board members and doctors, you’ll want the images to reflect the best parts of your business. You’ll want the images to show your doctors’ confidence and skill. You’ll want to show your board members are knowledgeable and capable. You’ll want images that show your staff as friendly and engaged. You’ll want images that show your business is modern and up-to-date with current trends. A videographer who understands composition and props can help you achieve all of these goals.

How to Find the Right Videographer

physician medical communications
physician medical communications

Once you’ve decided you need professional medical videography, you need to know where to start. First, decide which type of videography you need.  Do you need product videography or staged scenes? Once you know what type of images you need created, it’s easier to find the right videographer. Ask about the videographer’s experience working in the medical industry. Ask about the videographer’s education and experience. It’s also a good idea to talk to the videographer. Ask about the videographer’s pricing and availability. Ask about the videographer’s experience in the medical industry.

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Effective Strategies to Improve Your Video Marketing Campaigns

Video marketing has proven to be an effective way for businesses of all sizes to reach their target audiences. In fact, video content marketing is the fastest-growing segment of marketing.

What makes video marketing effective?

Video is the most preferred marketing method among internet users. There are various reasons behind the popularity of video marketing. A few of them are:

– Explainer videos:

Explainer videos are a great way to introduce your company, product, or service. Tell us something about your business, using visuals, and some words. It’s an excellent way to get your marketing message out there quickly.

– Visuals engage audiences:

Visuals, especially graphical visuals, are much more effective than plain text in getting a message across. Visuals grab attention and engage audiences. They can be very effective in transferring information quickly.

– Statistics show better retention:

Research shows that people retain about 10% of what they read, 30% of what they hear, 50% of what they see, and 70% of what they see and hear. Video marketing, being mostly visual, has the potential to engage audiences and help them retain information.

Live Event webcast of a new Lion’s Choice location in St. Louis

– Short attention spans:

We are living in a very busy world. People have short attention spans. This is why viral videos are so popular and get millions of views. A 3-minute video is very effective at capturing your audience’s attention.

– Video can be used in all stages of the buyer journey:

With video marketing, you can communicate with your prospects and customers at all stages of the buying process. You can use videos for conversion optimization, for example, showing how your product or service can improve their lives. You can use videos for lead generation, for example, getting prospects to subscribe to your email list. You can even use videos for retention, getting your customers to become brand advocates.

Keep your audience in mind

Whatever strategy you plan to use, keep your audience in mind. Make sure your video is relevant to them and solves their problems. If you don’t know who your target audience is, then you’ll have a hard time creating a video that resonates with them.

Full service studio for video and photography

The first step to creating effective video marketing campaigns is to create high-quality content. There are many different types of videos you can create, but they all should have high-quality production value. Your videos should look nice and have sound quality. If your videos aren’t up to snuff, then they aren’t going to be effective.

Create High-Quality Content

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make with video marketing is creating low-quality content. If you create content that isn’t up to par, your videos won’t be effective and you’ll be wasting your time. To create high-quality content, you’ll need to spend some money on getting the right equipment and hiring a professional videographer. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but you should definitely not skimp on the quality of your videos. Top-notch production is essential when it comes to video marketing.

Video marketing is highly effective when done right. It can help you build your brand, increase sales, and get more leads. The key to success is having high-quality videos that your audience will love.

How to create effective video marketing strategies?

There are many ways to incorporate video marketing into your marketing plan. You can use it on your website, social media, and email marketing campaigns. You can also host your videos on video hosting sites such as YouTube. With so many options, the opportunities are endless. Here are a few suggestions for effective video marketing strategies:

Host video on your website

If you want to create a video that is designed to convert leads, then hosting it on your website is a great option. It is a great way to add visual content to your site. People are more likely to buy from you if they are able to see how your product or service can solve their problems.

video production for pharma clean rooms

Create educational or how-to videos

Educational or how-to videos are great for lead generation and brand awareness. Create a video series that covers a specific topic and then publish it to your website and social media accounts.

Create a video blog series

Industrial location shooting a safety training video

If you want to create a lot of content around a specific topic, then video blogging is a great option. This is when you publish several short videos around a single topic. This gives you the chance to go into greater detail than you would in a single video.

Use video in your email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with your subscribers. Videos are an excellent way to add visual content to your emails. You can use a tool like YouTube to host your videos and then add them to your emails.

Use video on social media

Social media is a great place for video marketing. The best way to use video on social media is to create a series of videos that cover a single topic. This is a great way to create a lot of content quickly.

The takeaway

Grab audience attention.

Video marketing can be an effective way to drive more leads, sales, and brand awareness. However, you need to create high-quality content and implement effective strategies to make it work for you.

With these effective strategies, you can enhance your video marketing campaigns and create better engagement with your audience.

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Video production services | Remote & studio crews | Drone pilots

Our ground and drone service video production crews began with that concept – taking your corporate communication needs, applying our aerial drone experience and creativity and making it come alive on screen. We also have a full service video production studio and we shoot remotely on many different types of locations in the region. Since 1982 we have helped businesses communicate authentically and effectively. Think of us as an extension of your creative marketing department.

We work with video production companies across the Midwest, the US and the World, making sure your message is communicated clearly and your audience sees you in the best light. We partner with our clients to sell, train, inform, motivate, educate, persuade and inspire with great results. Gliding our clients through all aspects of the ground and aerial video production process.

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Production crews / Videographers in St. Louis

We’ve worked with production companies from all around the world, to produce, direct, shoot and source additional crew as needed in St. Louis. Before every job, we determine what crew is essential to get the job done.

Our in-house team also allows us to be cost-conscious so we can put as much of the budget on the screen as possible. We take innovation seriously—our team of industry professionals will make your unique vision a reality, utilizing a cinematic approach to your branded content that will compel and inspire.

Our video crews specialize in producing compelling testimonials that are real, honest and effective at selling product. And we then bring our television commercial experience to shooting “b-roll” footage.

We do everything you could ever need to bring a production to life.

So we can provide audio visual services for a meeting or corporate event. But our team can also expertly guide you from your first ideas to post production for a scripted project.

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LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION | Video Crews You Control

Whatever your company needs our digital video production crews can deliver. From creative concept development, through script writing, storyboarding, through your video shoot, and post-production, we’re your professional St. Louis Video Crew.

Whether you need to produce a creative video for brand awareness, a recruitment video, online video, coverage of a live event, or training videos we will deliver. We are the leading strategic marketing video production company. Our story is telling yours and we’ve been doing that quite well since 1982.

Our experienced video production solutions will help you to professionally to meet your needs and communicate your story as best possible.

When it’s time to produce your next corporate video production, marketing video, testimonial video, training video, or product demonstration call upon our crews.

314-604-6544 Rob Haller

Video Production Company in St. Louis MO | Crews and gear for live location and studio production.

covid safe dropkit sanitized video production studio

Since 1982, we have been filming Live Corporate Events, Spring Shows, Concerts, Competitions, Theater Productions, and many more! Our primary responsibility is to capture the performance with the utmost care and professionalism. With Multi-Cam setups, high quality audio, and years of experience, we can provide these services at a variety of price structures including no charge to you or your company!

covid safe video crews on location

Our specialties include Video, Audio, Photography, Scripting, Creative Consults, and Coordination of our staff to meet your current and future needs.

Providing services to match your event; whether it’s a corporate conference, sporting event, interview panel, or any other type of live event, we can stream it live, edit and master the end product for digital download, hard copies in DVD  and create a highlight video to share on any platform. Our pricing and packages  are available at hourly rates with an up front quote, and are flexible to fit your needs.

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St Louis Video Crew

Corporate video training | location production crews

Looking for an experienced St. Louis Camera Crew with creative skills that will make your video command attention?  Our video crew has just what you need, with talented Cinematographers waiting to produce and shoot your next project! Whether you need live event videography for a corporate function, TV commercials, interviews or b-roll, we have the right production crew.

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St Louis Video Crew

Production crews for broadcast commercials.

We utilize our innovative and highly skilled St. Louis video production crews to create, produce, shoot, edit, and deliver compelling video content, appearing across multiple platforms, including broadcast, web, mobile, and social media.

We stay ahead and are successful by maintaining our crews among the St. Louis’ leading video experts, shooters and production crews, which allows us to bring the most compelling and highest quality stories to life.

We will also save you and your project time and money by assisting with pre-production where needed and then connecting the right crew with negotiated rates that are within your budget. Only when you agree that the best information and people have been put together for your project – then and only then do we move forward with lighting speed!

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St Louis Video Crew

Recruitment video for seeking new employees.

Social media is a great media to place your new recruitment video seeking new hires.

Put your best face forward.

Share the basic information about your company.

Include the right people who can best communicate.

Highlight questions candidates tend to have about your firm.

Keep the videos short.

Make multiple videos possibly for multiple positions.

Keep it genuine and fun.

Include a call to action.

Promote extensively.

It’s the largest source of communication in the modern world. Condensing quality of projects to be outsourced and available to viewers through today’s Social Media channels is a challenge, especially with so many sites requiring different specs to optimize video quality. Our video crew has the tools, experience and resources to accommodate all media platform’s specs and make a seamless transition from full production videos to high quality, engaging Social Media Promo videos.

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St Louis Video Crew

Can You Fly a Drone Indoors?

Before we go any further, you might be wondering whether you can fly a drone inside at all.

The answer is yes, absolutely you can—if your drone was made to fly indoors. Fly the drone indoors safely. FPV can take flight in the office or manufacturing plant. We’ve taken the safety aspect into account and built some of our own drones. Yes, with a 3D printer. Extremely light weight, and versatile to fly safely indoors. Couple that with experienced pilots and you can create some great marketing tools.

But how can you tell if you have an indoor drone?

Professional indoor drones are going to be your best—and only—option if you want to fly indoors for any kind of work-related need, such as inspections, visual data collection, or 3D modeling.

Drones are often an inexpensive alternative to manual options when it comes to collecting visual data for inspection purposes, in part because they make visual inspections possible without expensive scaffolding and the downtime needed to put it up and take it down.

Flying indoors requires exceptional skill on the part of the drone pilot and in this case full attention was needed with regard to the lighting in some of the darker warehouse spaces.  Safely done, indoor drone flying can add another level to your filmmaking capabilities and be beneficial for a variety of projects it turns out drones are great for showing up the construction of new buildings the operation of equipment or machinery or even just the interior of a large facility.  They’re also great for residential real estate opening up the opportunity for cool new shots such as transitioning from indoors to outdoors.

The drone is a great tool to capture different angles and all sides of the injection and rotational processes involved in the making of their valuable parts.

The client was clearly happy with our edit of the video, and they utilize it with all their current marketing needs.

314-604-6544 Rob Haller

St Louis Ground and Aerial Video Production Crews

Our highly skilled pilots not only shoot soaring vistas but also a wide range of spectacular indoor locations with tight turns and fragile environments. Plus, you get drone video services that aren’t subject to weather, wind or other turbulence, allowing us to film when it’s most convenient for you.

Drone video services can provide a bird’s eye view of what matters most to you. NextThought Studios has worked with a wide range of concerts, schools, personal events and other action to find a perspective that shows the whole picture. We’re expanding our aerial videography company options because we view drones as a key part of the future of capturing the events of our lives.

High-end aerial photography is becoming safer and more affordable thanks to drones, so you should expect to see it become a popular tool in everything from home movies to leading documentaries where storytelling is a fine art.

covid safe video crews

Experience ground crews can fulfill any testimonials and b-roll footage you may need for your production as well.  Our award-winning production services include creative development, script writing, directing, cinematography and editing. We work with agencies, brands, businesses and non-profits to help tell their stories with powerfully effective video content that attract customers, engage employees, and build brands!


Mike Haller
St Louis Video Crew

St Louis Video Crew explains why you should live stream your next video production.

Experienced Camera Crews

Our video production crews are experienced professionals with full credentials and years of industry experience in broadcast programming, commercials, documentaries and corporate marketing videos.  Whether you need a videographer for a single day shoot or a production crew, our video team is staffed with highly skilled local professionals.

With decades of experience, our award-winning St Louis Video Production Crew will take on any project, no matter the size or scope. We provide turnkey video production services ranging from single to multi-camera shoots, motion graphics, live video streaming, and complete video post-production and editing.

st louis video production crew

We also offer the video gear, and the flexibility to shoot everywhere from the boardroom to the assembly line. Whether in our studio or on-location, we can tailor a crew to fit your precise needs. We also provide video support equipment.


Our video production services include

Interviews and B-Roll

Event Coverage


Live Streaming

Panel Discussion

Man On The Street

Corporate Meeting

Behind the Scenes


Broadcast Television

Employee Training

Sizzle Reels

Time-Lapse Videos

Happy Face Videos

Focus Group


Video News Release


Web Conferencing

Red Carpet

Action and Sports

Product Demonstration

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St Louis Video Crew

St Louis Video Production Crews


Here we are: Video Streaming It Live for Marketing and Fundraising

We are a full service video production company providing customized services for projects of just about any scale and genre. We do single camera location shoots, multi-camera broadcast events, web streaming, studio and green screen recordings, and broadcast quality editing/graphics. Our expertise extends to Corporate, Web Branding Videos, TV Pilot and Program Production, Training Videos, Music Videos, Documentaries, Meetings, and TV Commercials.

KTRS video streaming for St Louis Mens Group Against Cancer at Nestle Purina by st louis video crews.

With film and video content more popular than ever, we help
Accomplish whatever you might need to make content to delight your target audiences. No matter what goals you want to achieve, we’ll make sure you have what you need to make your ideas become a reality.

Mike Haller
St Louis Video Crew

Customer and Employee Training Videos

Make basic skills training universally available
Every organization has its own way of doing things, from scheduling meetings and booking conference rooms to signing emails and making conference calls. Within a few months of their first day, these are the skills every employee knows as second nature. Yet those fundamentals aren’t always obvious to your new hire — in all likelihood, they’re used to someone else’s way of doing things, and often won’t know the right steps to take at your organization until they accidentally stray from the path. Here video can be a lifesaver, helping your new hire find the information they need to get the basics right.

Video Taping and live streaming for employee training and multiple locations throughout the U.S.

Even as remote training by video becomes commonplace, often there is simply no substitute for a live event. More and more organizations are finding that marquee events, be they internal-only conventions or industry-focused public conferences, are extremely valuable tools for sharing information, connecting employees with each other or the industry, and educating a large audience all at once. Attending these events can boost employee morale and engagement in a way that’s almost impossible to replicate during business-as-usual moments. But for oft-cited reasons of timing and budget, attendance is seldom possible for every event and every member of your team. When attendance isn’t possible, a video recording of the event can be the next best thing. Recording events — or even live-streaming them — can be a great way to share the excitement and insight gleaned from all those keynotes and breakouts, with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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St Louis Video Crew

Video Production and Camera Crews St Louis Missouri

Professional Camera Crews and Production Teams

St Louis Video Crew has a diverse roster of world-class camera crews ranging from two-man guerrilla teams to blockbuster-scale production units and nearly everything in between.

Our crews have backgrounds in feature film, broadcast television, documentary programming, commercial advertising, music videos, action sports, sketch comedy, live events, and corporate videos.

St Louis Video Crew. All the gear you need.

This creative diversity allows Indigo to select the ideal crew for each job based on that job’s specific objectives, constraints, and creative aspirations.

Every St Louis Video crew, no matter the size, is staffed with highly-skilled and seasoned professionals at every position.

Creative Directors
Art Directors
Wardrobe Stylists
Teleprompter Operators

Professional Video Production and Camera Crews

A St Louis Video Crew will bring more than just their production talents, professionalism, and state-of-the-art equipment to the set.

They also come with an array of narrative techniques, a creative point of view, and an innate passion for the art of filmmaking:

Live-Action Shoots
Multi-Camera Shoots
Green Screen Shoots
Motion Capture Video
Documentary Video
Sit-Down Interviews
Live Events
Streaming Video
Special Shoots

Our crews handle shoots ranging from single-camera sitdown interviews to epic multi-camera shoots with a small army of production personnel in multiple locations around the world.

Indigo Productions supplies camera crews for:

TV Commercials
Music Videos
Corporate Videos
Brand Videos
Web Commercials
Promo Videos
Social Media Videos
Viral Videos
Independent Films

Allow our talented, experienced, and reliable camera crews to help you.

Mike Haller
St Louis Video Crew

St Louis Video Crews | Professional ENG and EFP

Trusted by world news organizations, video producers, professional news bureaus, assignment editors, web producers, and clients like NFL Films and CBS, St Louis Video Crews professional broadcast media camera crews specialize in creative shot composition and lighting techniques. We have deep experience in multi-cam, drones, live and event shoots. We are dependable, flexible and insured with state-of-the-art equipment.

We’ve covered the red carpet, breaking news, press conferences, and interviews with many types of famous people and organizations.

Our crews are fueled by a talented staff, creative vision, and loyal client base. We produce marketing, training, corporate communications, events and other videos for a wide spectrum of companies ranging from international and Fortune 100 corporations to local start-ups and individuals.

Professional Full Service Film and Video Production Crews in St Louis, Missouri.

We are a full service company offering pre-production, production, editing, multimedia and duplication services. We are equipped with HD cameras, editing suites, teleprompters and more.

From concept to completion, St Louis Video Crews will help you with any or all of your video needs.

Mike Haller
St Louis Video Crew

St Louis Video Production Crews

If you’re looking for a  St Louis based video crew, or St Louis Video Production Company, with 4K and HD video formats, then you have reached the right creative team!  With decades of national experience, and an avalanche of credits to boot, we strive for quality and professionalism.

If you need video for your website, broadcast, or company event, we are here for you to fulfill your video crew and production needs.

Accomplished Digital Cinematographer, Producer, Director, Jib Operator, Journalist, and Editor with a wide range of real-world professional experience in all genres of video production from Network broadcasts to small business web video.

Experienced crews covering and coordinating for local and national entertainment, news, broadcast series, press junkets, behind the scenes, live shots, reality-TV, documentaries, concerts, commercial advertising, corporate image, websites, publicity and marketing.

State of the Art, Professional Equipment, video cameras, audio, drones.  We have quite a variety of gear and talent.

Need Support? We can also provide camera crew members for any television, video or film production crew, supporting camera people, or production companies or producers.  Teleprompter operator with prompter equipment.  Production location sound mixer/sound recordist or boom operator.  Gaffers or Grips for lighting & rigging.  Makeup artist or ‘makeup person.  Producer or Director.  PA – production assistant.

St Louis Video Production Crews

Mike Haller
St Louis Video Crew

St Louis Video Crew | Aerial Photography

The world’s best companies turn to us to work with the best video crew in St Louis.  We have proudly worked with major brands like Boeing, AB Inbev, Monsanto and firms of all sizes.

We can match you with an experienced and fully-stocked film crew, nearly anywhere in the entire world.  We’ll be assisting you with coordinating equipment, call times and any of the dozens of other tasks that go into making a location production go smoothly. We focus on the details so that you can focus on your production.  Should you need a studio, well, we have that also.

It is our goal to convey every client’s story in a visually succinct and engaging manner. We are the preferred choice for digital video production and we take pride in our attention to detail.

If you only need a crew, we have all HD camera formats available for your project. Whether your shoot is in the field or in a studio, we will ensure that all of your production needs are met. In addition to complete HD camera packages, we offer a full spectrum of lighting and sound equipment.

Two-person flight crew for drone aerial photography and video.

Rob Haller, St Louis Video Producer
St Louis Video Producer

Creating a new way to look at your world!  Hire our drone crew.

Our experience means business!  Full service crewing capabilities for St. Louis.   Our creative professional staff is small but we have all the skills and talent of the big studios.  Our team consists of longtime production professionals skilled in the use of all digital formats using the latest techniques and equipment available. We are constantly evolving with the changes in talent and technology so that your video communications always looks its best, whether it is for sales, marketing or training.

St Louis Drone Aerial Crew

St Louis Drone Aerial Crew

We can service your drone aerial film or video production in St Louis with an entire crew or support your project with the specific gear and talented people you need on your shoot. We will make it happen with the best talent and most cost-efficient video production services in the St Louis area.

Rob Haller, St Louis Video Producer
St Louis Video Producer

St Louis Video Crews

Thank you for considering our customized video services. We specialize in promotional videos that showcase your services to potential clients.

We take the time to get to know our clients and work together to create videos that are meaningful and a good investment for their company.

We are also storytellers with more than a decade of experience in broadcast and digital media.

St Louis Television Commercials Filming and Editing.

St Louis Television Commercials Filming and Editing.

If you would like us to produce and film your commercial or news event, call or email us. Our rates vary depending on the filming time and the level of production you are looking for. We are based in St Louis but can travel to any location.

Rob Haller, St Louis Video Producer
St Louis Video Producer

St Louis Video Crews – Drone Video Production

We have our 333 exemption from the FAA as Safe-To-Fly. We adhere to all FAA guidelines.  For safety and quality, we shoot with a two-man crew, and we are fully insured.  Our pilot always keeps visual contact with the drone, while our navigator guides and directs the shot. Our Video clips are really High Definition HD at 4K and positively stable!

The 3-axis gimbal constantly draws on data fed by the intelligent flight controller, so it knows the aircraft’s flight parameters and computes the proper motion correction every millisecond.  Such precision is only possible because of the ultra-fast, custom-made processor that is unique to the Inspire gimbal. Operating at speeds that allow the gimbal to compensate for motion and tilt in real-time, this processor controls motors on all three axes: yaw, tilt, and roll.  All resulting in very smooth and completely stable shots.

st louis video crews drone videographer

Rob Haller, St Louis Video Producer
St Louis Video Producer

Corporate Video Production Saint Louis

St Louis Video Crew is a collaborative and crafty creative studio based in Saint Louis, Missouri. If you’re tired of wasting your precious time and marketing dollars on work that doesn’t…work, then you should call us. Specializing in visual storytelling, St Louis Video Crew is the go-to for brands that love pursuing and achieving awesome and loathe just checking the boxes. From commercials to corporate video and full development and branding capabilities to get your ideas out of your head and in front of your audience, we look forward to working alongside you and your team.

Production shot of corporate video taping in St Louis Laclede's Landing Area.

Production shot of corporate video taping in St Louis Landing Area.

Rob Haller, St Louis Video Producer
St Louis Video Producer

St Louis Corporate Video Production

st louis corporate video production company

st louis corporate video production company

Show me, don’t tell me. Corporate video is by far the fastest growing marketing tool in use today because it informs and persuades better than any other media type. Video is a visceral experience that engages the audience both visually and orally. Why just explain how your product works when you can actually show people using and benefiting from that product? Video is gaining popularity because it is the best means of conveying a great deal of information quickly to an attention-deficit plagued audience. Corporate video is particularly effective when you need to showcase the more intangible benefits of a product. Imagine trying to promote a corporation solely on the merits of a balance sheet. You couldn’t. You sell corporate performance by creating imagery that suggests the “promise” of that corporation.

Rob Haller, St Louis Video Producer
St Louis Video Producer

St Louis Video Crews

We are one of the country’s leading providers of video crew services in St. Louis for national television networks, TV programs, agencies and corporations.

Our experienced full-time staff of talented professionals provides you the creativity and knowledge that your project deserves.

Our services are orchestrated by our creative team so that you will always have our entire staff available to your team for all your needs.

We are proud to present our clients with the highest level of production and post production services. You will see that St. Louis Video Crew will always provide you with the most responsive, personalized customer service in the industry. We want you to look at our professional team as an extension of your team.

Rob Haller, St Louis Video Producer
St Louis Video Producer

Creative Flexibility in St Louis Crewing! Tell us what you need!

We offer turnkey production capabilities for your production in St Louis. From interviews to events, our crews have done it all. From a single camera operator to an entire production team, we’ve worked with some of the highest profile clients, companies and networks in the world. Our years of experience in broadcast television is brought to every production. We offer the best in quality, capabilities, experience and service.

Audio techs, PA’s, make-up artists, teleprompters, field producers and camera operators are all available and can be booked with a single phone call. After the shoot, we can send the footage to you via overnight shipping or take it with you.

Delivering experience, quality and service with every video production.

Whether you need a camera crew, business video, webcast or other video project, our crew should be your one-call solution for video production needs in St Louis, Missouri and the surrounding region.

We offer a full complement of production services using High Definition cameras to film your event, interview, product or story interview. If needed, we can also edit projects with the latest software and deliver your video as high definition digital files.

While we work in a technology-driven industry, we never lose sight of our mission to provide a quality product, from interviews and promotional videos to webcasts and company overviews, that are effective, engaging and deliver results.

Mike Haller
St Louis Video Producer
St Louis, Missouri, USA | Video Production

Corporate Video Production St Louis

St Louis Video Crew is a full-service corporate video production and brand communication company.

We have broad expertise in developing and communicating corporate image, brand identity, mission and vision and corporate communications.

We deliver specific message-driven communications to internal and external audiences. We have extensive creative and SEO experiences in all aspects of marketing video production.

Rob Haller, St Louis Video Producer
St Louis Video Producer

Full Service Video Production Crews

Our St Louis video production company has a vast amount of experience in Missouri. Our vast array of video services, includes producing marketing videos, that will entertain and educate the audience, corporate videos that will create compelling presentations. We also create and produce internet videos, customer service and sales training for your employees.

St Louis, Missouri, based St Louis Video Crew is available for ENG/EFP assignments in the Midwest region. We have been shooting for broadcast, cable and corporate customers since 1982.

Our video crews are some of the best in the business. We have experience in all styles of video production. Documentary, news, sports, medical, corporate image – we’ve done them all! We also work with the best support freelancers in Missouri and Illinois. Call us if you have any questions about your location video production needs. If we aren’t able to help you we probably know someone who can!

Mike Haller
St Louis Video Producer
St Louis, Missouri, USA | Video Production

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Use Non Verbal Communication

Appropriate facial expressions and hand gestures are critical to your performance. Loosen up . . . there’s nothing more distracting to an audience than a ‘rabbit caught in the headlights’ – the person who is frozen except for their moving lips delivering a speech.

Use gestures and expressions to amplify your words, stress important points to show that you are passionate about what you’re saying. And move your head . . . but not too much!

Rob Haller, St Louis Video Producer
St Louis Video Producer

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Our video post production services are targeted to small business owners and individuals who will benefit from a smaller video production company to edit their video. We’re home grown in St. Louis.  All of our video post productions are done in house.

If we are producing your video, your producer will log all of your footage that was captured.  Creating this paper edit to follow the approved script or shot list is important to do before editing in the studio.  From there, your producer will work to edit your video adding necessary graphics, animation or type on screen.  Upon completion your video will be uploaded to a video repository for your review.


Mike Haller

St Louis Video Producer

St Louis, Missouri, USA  | Video Production

St Louis Video Production Crews

This was a rather small crew of two creatives, Mike as the video camera operator and Rob as producer and lighting grip.  The entire production was shot in a day and a half and part of an evening to get some night shots for the lighting company.

This was a simple marketing video that would appear at tradeshows and on the web.

A rather remarkable green building at the forefront of the conservation movement.



Robert Haller, St Louis Video Producer

St Louis Video Production

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We have an exceptional video production studio. Our fully equipped st louis studio is ready for your next production

HD studio and location production



Multi-camera production

Green screen production

Audio recording



Robert Haller, St Louis Video Producer

St Louis Video Production

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Quality is the main objective at St Louis Video Crew. This is accomplished right from the start with our HD broadcast quality video cameras, vast experience in the industry and personal attention to detail. We are based in St Louis, providing local video production crews and services for local and out of town producers, directors, agencies and clients.


st louis video crew

st louis video crew

Your next production will be an impressive work of art reflecting the professional image that you want to portray. St Louis Video Crew can work within most budgets while at the same time providing the highest quality video production crews and equipment in St Louis or throughout Missouri and Illinois.


We want to make your next video production the most impressive ever.



Mike Haller, St Louis Video Crew Producer


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St Louis Video Crew

We are a full service, St Louis based video production firm.

St Louis Video Crew provides complete full service video production, video taping, sound recording, talent, and editing post production services.

We can service your video production with an entire crew or support your project with the specific gear or people you need on the shoot.

We will crew Camera operators, Sound Engineers, Gaffers, Grips, Teleprompter Operators, Make-up Artisans, Jib and Steadycam Technicians, whomever and whatever you might require. We will make your production happen seamlessly with the best talent and most cost-efficient video services in the St Louis area.

Mike Haller, St Louis Video Crew Producer


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Quality Saint Louis Video Production Crews

A skilled st louis video and film production crew. Whether you need a small interview crew or a full production and creative crew to write, produce, direct and edit, St Louis Video Crew is available for you.


st louis video crew, trained professionals in all aspects of video production when needed in the gateway city.

st louis video crew, trained professionals in all aspects of video production when needed in the gateway city.

Our customers include other production companies, corporations, advertising agencies, and public relations firms.


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st louis video crew provides quality professional film and video production services in st louis, Missouri. we provide HD video crews, electronic news gathering (ENG) and electronic field production (EFP) camera crews live events, corporate video production, broadcast and taped productions and web videos.

st louis film and video crews

st louis film and video crews shooting the jewel box in forest park

we take care of your filming and video production needs by providing equipment with crews, video editing, directing, production assistants, lighting and grip specialists.  We can also provide makeup artists and teleprompter operators.

Whether you need a small single camera interview crew or a multi camera crew with a studio and green screen, we have the experienced and creative professionals to help make your production a success.


Mike Haller, St Louis Video Crew Producer


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Mike Haller, 314-892-1233, St Louis Video Crew Producer.

Full service video production, crews and film and video equipment for your production in St. Louis, Missouri.

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St Louis Video Crews.  We have just about shot everything!

St Louis Video Production Crews.  We have just about shot everything!

All of our St Louis video crews are seasoned professionals and
work together regularly as a team. We know
how to work well with people and equipment to make your project successful.

Our crews are fully insured and well versed in video set safety.  For St. Louis Video Production, you’ve come to the right professional team.

Services include complete crewing, production
support, multi-camera shoots, live broadcast,
web streaming and more!

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Film and Video Production Crews for automotive automation. Full service video and film production crews, services and equipment. We have traveled extensively to get the right images for the client.

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Television and Web Commercials

St. Louis Video Production in our studio created new promotional spots for a local church helping to increase communications with their congregation.  Over five different television and web commercials were created.

St Louis Video Production from St. Louis Video Production on Vimeo.

st louis video production and st louis video editing

St Louis Video Editing, Milt Oldendorph, St Louis Video Producer.  Still Photography by Mike Haller.  Mike shot stills at the client location and in our photo/video studio.  Complete video production in St. Louis for this project was the perfect solution with it’s cost-conscious budget.

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St. Louis Video Crews. 314-913-5626
St. Louis location scouting and managing – Mike Haller – Political Commercial – Russ Carnahan

political video production | st louis video crews

Video taping by St Louis Video Production created this Political Video.

Full team support provided by St. Louis Video Crews – Mike Haller

A few minutes with Phyllis Schlafly.

St. Louis Video Crews – Full service video and post production.

Mike Haller 314-892-1233

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A local st. louis Medical video for patient waiting rooms and dvd duplication. Dave Topping videographer (left) sets up the video taping on the set of a patient waiting area, while Mike Haller, photographer gets the shot of a patient coming back from a surgical treatment.

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Medical Video and Photography – St. Louis, MO

St Louis Video Production videotaped for a five day period.  All Video footage was then edited by St Louis Video Studio to create a marketing video and a patient waiting room video.  Photographic Images from this shoot were utilized for marketing and publicity.  Mike Haller, Director and Rob Haller, Producer.

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Video Production Company St. Louis Haller Concepts

Black History Moment

Narrowcasting historical video featuring local St. Louis anchorwoman Karmen Johnson discussing Rosa Parks

St. Louis Video – Producer Rob Haller, Director Mike Haller, 314-892-1233

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St. Louis Video Photography

St. Louis Video Production shot in studio for a national sleep product manufacturer.  Photo images and video clips for the web and email presentations.  St Louis Video Crews Producer, Mike Haller, 314-892-1233.

Featuring St. Louis model Denise McCormick.

Rob Haller, Producer, Haller Concepts 314-892-1233.

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Midwest Honda Dealers

Location Scouting St. Louis and the Missouri area – Mike Haller

st louis video crews. Build A Bear Workshop ® CNBC Promotion

Videotaping Location Scout and Manager, Mike Haller.

Build-A-Bear Workshop

experienced st louis video crew

St Louis Video Production.  Whether you need a crew on location or in a studio, call on us.  We’ll help you find exactly what you need.  Sound, Lighting, Teleprompter?  We have you covered.  Our teams have been shooting in St. Louis and throughout the midwest for decades.

When you need a video crew in St. Louis, anywhere at anytime, we're there!

When you need a video crew in St. Louis, anywhere at anytime, we’re there!

Rob Haller