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We are experts at shooting and streaming video for the web.
Video taping interviews on location for Warner television
Video taping interviews on location for Warner television
Our top skilled producers, videographers, editors and production professionals are skilled in the use of all digital formats using the latest video, audio, graphics, animation, editing and production software and equipment available. We are constantly evolving with the changes in talent and technology so that your TV commercial, web video, documentary, or corporate video is something you will be proud to point to as your own.


We are experts at video production.

St Louis Video Crew is a video production company that is experienced, creative, unique and successful. We understand that in today’s world, businesses need video content because it has become the norm as a way to digest content.

Welcome to St Louis video crew.  We are network, film, video, TV, live event and post-production professionals. Whether you need a camera operator for one day, a video editor for one month or a full-time producer, we help you find exactly what you need for your production.

Our St. Louis videographers and camera crews can assist your company with any video production projects.  We assist with large corporate projects, special events in St. Louis, documentaries, live sports, real estate and much more. We are your one stop shop for high quality video production, editing and delivering throughout the St. Louis and surrounding areas.

With major broadcast and corporate clients spread out all over the globe including CBS CNN Fox-Sports, Nestle-Purina, A-B InBev, Bayer, and a host of other fine folks both large and small, our video experts are dedicated to the creation and production of captivating feature video content for corporate, commercial, sports, and entertainment endeavors.

We utilize our innovative and highly skilled St. Louis video production crews to create, produce, shoot, edit, and deliver compelling video content, appearing across multiple platforms, including broadcast, web, mobile, and social media.

Video ground and drone crews for construction location shots

We stay ahead and are successful by maintaining our crews among the St. Louis’ leading video experts, shooters and production crews, which allows us to bring the most compelling and highest quality stories to life.

Our top skilled crew of videographers, grips, editors and production professionals are skilled in the use of all video formats . We are constantly evolving with the changes in technology and equipment so that your next video production will be worry free.

Our St Louis Video Crew live streaming and taping the International Festival in St Louis.

Our St Louis Video Crew recording and live webcasting the International Festival in St Louis.

 Our St. Louis Video Crew is a “Can Do Crew!”

  • Experienced Video and Photography crews
  • Creative, Reliable and Fully Insured
  • In our studio or on location
  • High Definition – HD Video crews
  • Lighting Packages
  • Audio packages
  • Grip gear/trucks
  • Jibs and dollies
  • Teleprompters
  • Broadcast and News Crews

St Louis Bedding Company – marketing tradeshow video

Video Production Companies in St. Louis Missouri and in the Midwest.

Our St Louis Video Crews are always available to help you videotape and edit your whatever your video or film production in St Louis, Missouri.

How to Evaluate Different Video Production Crews to Ensure Quality Productions.

Do you need to produce video content but aren’t sure how to evaluate the quality of different video production crews? To make sure you get the best possible result, accurate evaluation of crew members is essential.

In this article, we’ll show you the key factors to consider when assessing the talent in different video production teams.

We can also adapt to a greenscreen production at your remote video location.
We can also adapt to a greenscreen production at your remote video location.


Video production is a highly specific field that requires both technical knowledge and artistic skill. When commissioning a video project, it’s critical to evaluate the possible production crew members who may work on the project in order to make the right choices and have the best results. An experienced crew can be the difference between an average project and one that stands out in a crowd.

The evaluation process can be broken down into several key factors to determine which team would be the best fit for a particular project. These include experience, credentials, availability, financial considerations, attitudes/interpersonal skills and creativity/attention to detail.

By taking all these factors into account before making any decisions about your video production crew you can ensure good results for your video projects!

Client testimonials and b-roll.

Understanding Video Production Crews

A good video production crew can help you tell your story in an effective way, but it’s important to evaluate them carefully in order to ensure that the quality of the output is up to your standards. It’s worth taking the time to understand what roles each member of a video production team typically plays so that you are able to choose one with a mix of skillsets for optimal results.

Typical crew members involved in video production include a director, production manager, gaffer (lighting technician), sound technician, camera operator(s), and location scout. Depending on the scope and size of your project, there may be additional personnel needed as well. The director is responsible for leading the overall vision for the project and working with writers and other creatives in order to craft a compelling story. The Production Manager will coordinate all of the logistical details of shooting, from pre-production planning through post-production distribution. They may also assume various production assistant duties such as setting up equipment or overseeing talent scheduling.

The Gaffer will work closely with the lighting designer or cinematographer to create a desired look or mood with light intensities and effects. The Sound Technician will work alongside audio engineers who set levels on different microphones according to their placement in order to capture clear dialogue and other sound elements effectively. Finally, Camera Operators are responsible for operating cameras correctly while keeping lighting and framing choices consistent across different shots in order to achieve continuity throughout the project. A talented crew will also involve individuals whose expertise lies in scouting locations that best fit their plans for shooting days.

By understanding these key roles each member of a video production team plays, you can more easily identify which type of crew is best suited for delivering high-quality results on your project without making compromises on your vision for storytelling through visuals or sound design elements!

Assessing Technical Skills and Experience

When evaluating potential video production crews, it is important to assess their technical skills and experience to ensure quality output. You should make sure that the individuals have a strong understanding of the video production process, along with suitable editing and post-production experience. Inquire about their resumes, portfolios and past projects to get a better idea of their qualifications.

In addition to having suitable technical skills, an experienced crew will be well-versed in the actual filming process. From setting up lighting and sound equipment to adjusting angles and capturing footage in challenging situations – skilled personnel will can handle any circumstances you may encounter while on set. When possible, try to get references from former clients or colleagues who have worked with them before so you can gain an accurate portrayal of their capabilities.

Furthermore, it is wise to consider their approach towards customer service when evaluating potential video production crews. It is key that they make sure that all deadlines are met while taking into account minimal disruption for you or your client if necessary. Technical experts who are friendly and personable when on set will also be able to gain your trust as not only professionals but also ambassadors for your brand or company name.

Evaluating Creative Capabilities

When it comes to evaluating video production crew’s creative capabilities, there are two main points that you should look for: expertise and previous works.

To gauge the level of expertise, ask the video production company to provide a sample of their past work as well as any awards achieved. This can serve as a useful indicator of their technical experience and we recommend assessing their visual and audio effects as well. As part of the evaluation process, it is also important to determine if the team understands your vision for the project, taking into account both artistic direction for design and usability standards relating to content display and interactivity.

Another relevant factor in evaluating the video production crew’s creative capabilities is to request a review of their credentials. Request references from previous clients or check industry awards they have collected. Acquiring this information should demonstrate any specialized skills they may have or a record of success in completing challenging projects. By understanding specific technical knowledge held by team members, you can be assured you are working with someone who can handle any difficult elements that come up during production.

Assessing Communication Skills

When evaluating video production crews, communication skills are essential to ensure quality output. It is important to assess not just how they communicate with each other but also how they interact with clients and other stakeholders in the project. Good communication skills involve active listening, understanding, being able to explain ideas clearly and being able to provide constructive feedback.

The video production crew should be composed of people who are empathetic, open-minded and capable of dealing with challenging conversations in a collaborative and respectful manner. Team members who can effectively communicate feedback about logistical details, address conflicts constructively and express their ideas confidently will be essential for cohesive collaboration and successful completion of projects.

In addition, strong presentation skills are vital for effective client satisfaction. The production team should have a thorough understanding of the various industry expectations as well as relevant legal/compliance requirements that might come up due to the nature of the project. Being able to present information in an engaging way helps to ensure that all stakeholders involved stay informed throughout the entire process.

Ceremony webcasting and drone aerials, video and still photographers
Ceremony webcasting and drone aerials, video and still photographers

Analyzing Cost and Fees

When considering which video production team is the right fit for your project needs, one important factor to consider is the cost and fees associated with hiring a particular crew. It’s critical to compare quotes from multiple providers and assess factors such as their service fees, usage fees, equipment rental fees, overhead costs (such as for travel), hourly rates for on-site personnel, special rate discounts, etc.

It’s also important to inquire about any additional expenses you may incur throughout the course of the production—for example: post-production editing costs or color-correction services. This will help you set a budget and ensure that you get quality output from every production crew’s services. Additionally, it will help you make sure that you don’t exceed your budget or blow up your production costs unnecessarily.

Ultimately it is important to choose an experienced crew that can provide top quality output while still fitting within your budget.

Reviewing References and Testimonials

When evaluating a potential video production team for a project, it is important to review the references and testimonials of those who have worked with them. While previous experience in the same type of production is beneficial, it’s also wise to look for more broad references from other professionals, such as colleagues or industry peers.

Testimonials from past clients should be given special attention as they can provide an unbiased insight into how the crew operates on set and whether they are able to deliver on their promises. Testimonials also give you a better idea of what the final product should look like under their supervision. Consider both positive and negative reviews – not all jobs will always go as planned but experienced crews will usually manage any issues properly.

Before hiring anyone, make sure that you are comfortable working with them by talking with them personally and getting an in-depth understanding of their style of operations and team dynamics. Don’t be afraid to ask specific questions about how they would handle certain aspects of your project in order to ensure that the final product will meet your vision.

Making the Final Decision

After comparing different video production crews and determining which ones are best suited for the project, there are a couple of other factors to consider. Taking the time to look into each candidate’s entire portfolio is an important step. A crew’s past work speaks volumes about their style, skill, and final outcome. Also, make sure to discuss pricing upfront. It’s best to have a budget in mind when hiring a team. Additionally, observe how they communicated throughout the process of researching what type of production is right for you—ultimately finding out if they shared helpful insights or just tried to make sales.

Finally, it is important to trust your gut and go with whomever you think will get the job done right. While skillset and experience are important indicators of quality output, it doesn’t always guarantee success—making sure your needs are met within budget is also key. After taking all these considerations into account, you should be ready to make the final decision and confidently hire a professional video production crew that meets your criteria in terms of proficiency and affordability for an amazing final product!

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