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St. Louis Video Crew

St. Louis Video Crew provides video production crews, videographers and editors for hire. We also can provide accompanying video production services to people and companies looking for Saint Louis based film crews and video crews. A variety of St. Louis video production studios are also available.

There are various types of client who may search for video crews, these are the fine folks we create with.

  1. Filmmakers and Directors: Professional filmmakers and directors often require video crews to assist them in capturing high-quality footage for their films, documentaries, or commercials. They may need camera operators, sound technicians, lighting experts, and other crew members.
  2. Advertising Agencies: Advertising agencies frequently hire video crews to produce commercials or promotional videos for their clients. They may require crews skilled in capturing specific shots or styles to align with the advertising campaign’s vision.
  3. Event Planners: Event planners may seek video crews to cover conferences, trade shows, concerts, or other live events. They want to document the proceedings or create highlight reels to promote future events.
  4. Corporate Clients: Many corporations need video crews to create promotional videos, training materials, or internal communication videos. They may want to showcase their products, services, or company culture, and require professional crews to handle the production.
  5. Wedding Planners: Wedding planners often hire video crews to capture memorable moments during weddings. They aim to create professionally edited wedding videos or highlights to preserve the memories for the couple and their families.
  6. Educational Institutions: Schools, colleges, and universities may require video crews to record lectures, create educational content, or document special events on campus.
  7. Nonprofit Organizations: Nonprofit organizations often seek video crews to produce videos for fundraising campaigns, awareness initiatives, or documenting their charitable work.
  8. Media Production Companies: Production companies specializing in video content may search for video crews in various cities to expand their network of freelancers or to fulfill specific production requirements.
Video crew at a rented home location ready to shoot a VA training video

Our St. Louis Video Crew can support You!

From idea to execution, St Louis Video Crew works with you every step of the way to customize each shoot to meet your exact specifications & budget.

Need an HD crew with reality television experience? We’ve got you covered. How about a still photographer for corporate portraits? We have professional St. Louis Photographers and Videographers for you to choose from.

Shooting B-roll on a farm for Nestle Purina

When we hire a crew for your shoot, we ensure that they have the creativity, technical ability and experience to deliver to you the highest quality product.

We make sure you don’t miss the shot when you need it most.

• HD Camera Crews

• One Man Band Crews

• Camera Operators

• Audio Technicians

• Grips

• Gaffers

• Editors

• Still Photographers

• Make-up Artists

• Field Producers

• Teleprompter Operators

• Directors

• Cinematographers

• Lighting Directors

• Post-Production Houses

• Web Streaming

• Food Stylists

StL Video Crews

Video Crew and Video Equipment

Creating a St. Louis Video Production should not take considerable time, effort and needless expense. St. Louis is a great location for a video shoot, in fact the Gateway City is a virtual StL videographer’s paradise.

Crew shooting a commercial for Build-A-Bear

Talent video shoots and special video events happen a great deal in St. Louis, making it possible for more options customers can decide on. We can offer video crew service and video equipment options for on-location and video studio shoots. We can deliver a wide choice of custom high definition HD video production professional services for digital St. Louis web video and streaming video.


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