St Louis Video Production Crews

If you’re looking for a  St Louis based video crew, or St Louis Video Production Company, with 4K and HD video formats, then you have reached the right creative team!  With decades of national experience, and an avalanche of credits to boot, we strive for quality and professionalism.

If you need video for your website, broadcast, or company event, we are here for you to fulfill your video crew and production needs.

Accomplished Digital Cinematographer, Producer, Director, Jib Operator, Journalist, and Editor with a wide range of real-world professional experience in all genres of video production from Network broadcasts to small business web video.

Experienced crews covering and coordinating for local and national entertainment, news, broadcast series, press junkets, behind the scenes, live shots, reality-TV, documentaries, concerts, commercial advertising, corporate image, websites, publicity and marketing.

State of the Art, Professional Equipment, video cameras, audio, drones.  We have quite a variety of gear and talent.

Need Support? We can also provide camera crew members for any television, video or film production crew, supporting camera people, or production companies or producers.  Teleprompter operator with prompter equipment.  Production location sound mixer/sound recordist or boom operator.  Gaffers or Grips for lighting & rigging.  Makeup artist or ‘makeup person.  Producer or Director.  PA – production assistant.

St Louis Video Production Crews

Mike Haller
St Louis Video Crew


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